The nostalgic sound
of vintage AM radio
on your iPhone!

Retro-Fi is a time machine, constructed to take you back to a time when the most common way of hearing the latest hit music was AM radio. The music of that time included many styles and sounds, but the way the music sounded was always the same, owing to the limitations of the medium.

Retro-Fi brings back that classic sound, allowing any music or programming to be heard as it was in the days before color TV, home computers, and handheld mobile devices. At launch any audio playing on the iPhone takes on the characteristic AM sound. Even listening on an iPhone's small built-in speaker, the change is unmistakable.

For those who loved listening to rock'n roll on tiny transistor radios, those who find modern digital audio too clean, and those who want to create a retro mood with music, Retro-Fi is the solution!