Upcoming ClockMaster Update

March 2019

After many years of service the ClockMaster app gets a major update. This is a rewrite from scratch actually, with lots of improvements such as long-term measurements, target beat rate database and more.

To illustrate some of the new capabilities, below is a screenshot of a 15+ hour test of a Junghans Meister clock. A pattern repeating hourly can be clearly seen. Among other things, this means that this particular clock should be timed for at least an hour in order to get a reliable result. Shorter measurements will provide different results every time, depending on where in the cycle the starting point is.

A public beta will be available soon, so please if interested in early access.

April 2019

Closer to public beta release. A picture of the app running a week long measurement. A pattern repeating daily can be observed and also a long-term trend of the clock actually speeding up over time.

May 2019

The beta is live. Here is video of the app taking 10+ hour long measurement of a 1923 Junghans Mantel Clock.